Red Rock Canyon Trail in Delta, Alaska

Seth and I out four wheeling with family and friends in Delta, Alaska. I got this one piece suit as a joke at a yard sale last year. It’s so comfortable though and makes me laugh every time I wear it so it’s become my staple outdoor wardrobe item. Also pretty pregnant in this picture.

Delta never ceases to amaze me! There are so many hidden gem places to explore there. This was the first time four wheeling at Red Rock Canyon and we loved four wheeling and exploring along the Rainbow Ridge and beside the GIANT glacier. We went with my family, as well as some friends. It was a group of 8 four wheelers and a side by side. Since we went my 3 nieces and nephew, (also me being pretty pregnant), we really took our time and enjoyed the trip going nice and easy. It’s an 8.6 mile round trip ride.

What is it like riding a four wheeler while 31 weeks pregnant? I LOVE IT. I ride behind Seth on these trips because I love chatting away and pointing out everything with him. I know he can’t wait until we are both dirt biking again- but he’s so incredibly patient with knowing this is a time to go slower and enjoy the pregnancy and I’m grateful we’ve been able to get out this summer almost every weekend to do this. There were definitely sometimes where the bumps would highlight how the baby had moved and was sitting on my bladder. I don’t know if I have ever had to pee so bad! And then baby boy would move and I wouldn’t have to pee so bad anymore. Also, sitting behind Seth, he could feel the baby move since my belly bump would get pressed against his back with all the bumps and hills we went on. It definitely made us both laugh.

The trail is pretty easy and we saw a ton of hikers. Our next plan of action will be to go off roading here with our four runner.

And the fall colors are already starting to come out! This is such a gorgeous place and has multiple trails to try out. This particular trail runs along side a HUGE glacier in the valley that is beautiful. On the other side are the rainbow mountains.

My nieces took their kid size four wheeler and were able to take it most of the way, even over the little creek crossings. Honestly, they could have taken it all over had they not gotten tired from riding and wanted a bit of a break.

The trail never got too challenging. It really had great scenery to experience along the whole of it.
My niece Nora in full concentration and determination to climb this hill.
Seth with Lincoln. When Lincoln says four wheeler, it sounds like ” FEAR”.
This lake has the prettiest colored water and rainbow ridge is right along side of it. The colors on the ridge and the lake remind me a lot of Blueberry Lake which is on the drive into Valdez, Alaska.
Lincoln giving it his all throwing rocks in the lake.
Hailey slinging mud.
Reagan playing in the mud.
Seth sneaking up on the caribou.

On the way back, we pulled over on the side of the road to check out the caribou. Seth immediately open the door and started to sprint over to try to sneak up on the caribou. I’m not sure what his full intentions were- but they watched him the whole time not really caring what he was doing. This is about as close as he got. So close Seth.

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